wiktor w brodlo

I’m a programmer.

I like music.

I use Gentoo.


Launches commands in reaction to input events. Unlike other hotkey utilities, this one runs from the command line and can be used as a daemon.
A pretty, legible 6×12, 9×12, 12×24 bitmap font with over 1500 glyphs. Perfect for terminals and text editors. Covers many languages. Great selection of block drawing, punctuation, and other symbols, including Powerline.
Minimal Linux Bootloader
Boots Linux on x86/amd64.
Musl porting
Getting various things to work with musl libc.
A collection of aged hardware and software at Dundee MakerSpace. If you have any old equipment you’d like to donate, please get in touch. We’re currently in desparate need of CRTs (TVs and monitors).

Site updates

  1. : Released leggie 2.1651.1
  2. : Updated fonts in stylesheet
  3. : Released Leggie 2.1651
  4. : Updated copyright years
  5. : Released Leggie 1.1707

Contact information

Email me at .

I hang out on Freenode, my nick is wiktor_b.